Sunday, December 5, 2010

Revlon Scented Nail Polish - Bubble Gum

Just a quick post of my recent purchase of this Revlon nail polish.

Bubble Gum is a hot pink nail polish, which seems doesn't match with the winter. But I like it :D. This is a fun nail polish which gives a lovely bubble gum smell when u are painting it as well as it is dried. I don't know how long the scent can last, but at least the scent doesn't disappear after I put a top coat on it.

I have used 3 coats to make it completely opaque. Here i also used 2 coats of nailtek foundation II as the basecoat plus 1 coat of essie good to go top coat.

BTW this is the first time I used my Desire Z to publish a blogpost. This apps looks not too bad to use.