Monday, April 25, 2011

NOTD - Deborah Lippmann: Across The Universe

舊同事去了美國旅遊 替我帶了兩支Deborah Lippmann 回來 1支是Across The Universe, 另一支是Glitter in the Air. 其實我還想要Bad Romance 的. 但一次過買3支....太過分了罷-__-
在美國買每支要USD18.....在香港要HKD190....平了不少, 但還是好貴...



最愛的藍色jelly+hexagon glitter.......完美的組合:D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul :D

最近order了Cherry Culture ....終於買到Milani One Coat Giltter 和Jewel FX!

首先是Jewel FX collection, Gems, Gold 和Silver

One Coat Glitter(我不信真的one coat就可以...XD) Silver Dazzle, Blue Flash, Red Sparkle, Purple Gleam

Milani Dress Maker(幻滅了-__-原來是有shimmer), NXY Algae(感覺好像Sephora by OPI的Ocean Love Potion, 可能是dupe), Spotlight(應該都有dupe, 但一時想不起)

還有一堆NYX的化裝品, 但不post了XD

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year :D

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Quick post of my CNY manicure. I barely have chance to wear a real red polish except in CNY :D Everyone love to have more red color in the new year.
This is Essie's Lollipop. I have brought this for quite a long time but this is the first time I use it to do a full manicure. Sorry for the ugly cuticle as it is extremely dry recently.
My nails are still in short length...after I have trimmed them few weeks ago.

I have been too lazy recently.....I will try to keep posting here :D 

and thanks for watching!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Revlon Scented Nail Polish - Bubble Gum

Just a quick post of my recent purchase of this Revlon nail polish.

Bubble Gum is a hot pink nail polish, which seems doesn't match with the winter. But I like it :D. This is a fun nail polish which gives a lovely bubble gum smell when u are painting it as well as it is dried. I don't know how long the scent can last, but at least the scent doesn't disappear after I put a top coat on it.

I have used 3 coats to make it completely opaque. Here i also used 2 coats of nailtek foundation II as the basecoat plus 1 coat of essie good to go top coat.

BTW this is the first time I used my Desire Z to publish a blogpost. This apps looks not too bad to use.

Monday, June 7, 2010

L.A. Colors - Atomic

Well this is my second time I made an other from Cherry Culture in this month. There are a lot of temptation there -___- although I m not a kind of make up girl, I always found a lot of stuff wanna buy from there. This time I brought 18 nail polishes from there.....really crazy..!!! But I can do a bit more I think... hahhaha I would have buy 25 polishes if the nice Sinful color polishes ain't out of stock. Now I have got the polishes from L.A. Girl and L.A. Color. The reason why I have brought so many L.A. Colors is that the name of the polish is so attractive to me.
L-R: Atomic, Static Electricity, Nuclear Energy, Fun In the Sun, Tropical Breeze, Transformer and Tahiti Sunrise

I love those name related to Nuclear things...hahhahahha. Yeah it's weird......but I like that. All of them are creams except Tahiti Sunrise. It's orange shimmer/frost thing, which is unexpected. I thought it is also a cream. Well..that's the problem with buying polish that doesn't have many people reviewed on them.

I am now wearing Atomic, it's a green cream with some blue in it. I painted it with 3 coats. I love this kind of blue green color. The application is great and I have no problem with it.

And I found out another blogger did an review on L.A. Colors (here) soon after I received this package from the Fedex people. Static Electricity looks great. I am gonna try that on later.

Monday, May 24, 2010

NOTD - OPI......when Shrek meet Alice XD

最近經常用GOSH指甲油 係時候用下OPI~ 今次係Shrek Forever After Collection 的Ogre-The-Top Blue + Alice In Wonderland的Absolute Alice.

I have been using quite a lot of GOSH nail polishes recently....time to go back to OPI. This time I am using the Ogre-The-Top-Blue from the Shrek Forver After Collection and Absolute Alice from the Alice In Wonderland Collection

首先係兩層Ogre-The-Top Blue 好喜歡這種天藍色~

Here is 2 coats of Ogre-The-Top-Blue. I love this medium blue~

跟著兩層Absolute Alice

Then followed by 2 coats of Absolute Alice

有銀色, 藍色同金色的閃粉

You can see there are silver, blue and gold glitters in it!


Done ;D

其實我好鍾意閃粉指甲油....但係要抹走ge時候實在太痛苦-____- 所以都唔係好經常用閃粉指甲油....anyway 我好鍾意哩個組合hahahha~

In fact I really like to use glitter polish, but it is a nightmare when removing it -___- that's why I don't use glitter polish very often. Anyway I really love this combination!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

GOSH Rainbow

我決定用中文打blog...XD 希望多d中文讀者會睇哩個blog啦...

In case for the foreign readers....well...I'm not sure whether I got some foreign readers-___-please tell me if u are, i will do a translation. And later I may write in both Chinese and English. Thanks!!

今日要介紹ge 係GOSH ge Rainbow. 其實係同上次買Frou Frou果陣一齊買...不過最近要考final, 所以唔得閒打blog.

睇左好多外國blogger寫過Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure 的review...一直都好想買, 但係香港係冇可能買到....終於比我發現GOSH ge Rainbow同佢有同1個effect!!!


我地還完基本步~首先油左China Glaze IX 深到幾乎係黑色ge啡色

跟住就係GOSH Rainbow...魔術黎喇...!!!!

正面睇其實係橙色ge閃, 但係你由唔同角度去睇係會有唔同色!!!唔講咁多 睇圖啦!!

近鏡 不過focus得唔太好-___-

白色燈下 好鍾意第一張!

仲有...依家係watson's on sale, $99 兩支仲有eye shadow送.....即刻買多兩支 !! 連收銀個呀姐都問我係咪真係咁靚XDDD