Sunday, December 5, 2010

Revlon Scented Nail Polish - Bubble Gum

Just a quick post of my recent purchase of this Revlon nail polish.

Bubble Gum is a hot pink nail polish, which seems doesn't match with the winter. But I like it :D. This is a fun nail polish which gives a lovely bubble gum smell when u are painting it as well as it is dried. I don't know how long the scent can last, but at least the scent doesn't disappear after I put a top coat on it.

I have used 3 coats to make it completely opaque. Here i also used 2 coats of nailtek foundation II as the basecoat plus 1 coat of essie good to go top coat.

BTW this is the first time I used my Desire Z to publish a blogpost. This apps looks not too bad to use.

Monday, June 7, 2010

L.A. Colors - Atomic

Well this is my second time I made an other from Cherry Culture in this month. There are a lot of temptation there -___- although I m not a kind of make up girl, I always found a lot of stuff wanna buy from there. This time I brought 18 nail polishes from there.....really crazy..!!! But I can do a bit more I think... hahhaha I would have buy 25 polishes if the nice Sinful color polishes ain't out of stock. Now I have got the polishes from L.A. Girl and L.A. Color. The reason why I have brought so many L.A. Colors is that the name of the polish is so attractive to me.
L-R: Atomic, Static Electricity, Nuclear Energy, Fun In the Sun, Tropical Breeze, Transformer and Tahiti Sunrise

I love those name related to Nuclear things...hahhahahha. Yeah it's weird......but I like that. All of them are creams except Tahiti Sunrise. It's orange shimmer/frost thing, which is unexpected. I thought it is also a cream. Well..that's the problem with buying polish that doesn't have many people reviewed on them.

I am now wearing Atomic, it's a green cream with some blue in it. I painted it with 3 coats. I love this kind of blue green color. The application is great and I have no problem with it.

And I found out another blogger did an review on L.A. Colors (here) soon after I received this package from the Fedex people. Static Electricity looks great. I am gonna try that on later.

Monday, May 24, 2010

NOTD - OPI......when Shrek meet Alice XD

最近經常用GOSH指甲油 係時候用下OPI~ 今次係Shrek Forever After Collection 的Ogre-The-Top Blue + Alice In Wonderland的Absolute Alice.

I have been using quite a lot of GOSH nail polishes recently....time to go back to OPI. This time I am using the Ogre-The-Top-Blue from the Shrek Forver After Collection and Absolute Alice from the Alice In Wonderland Collection

首先係兩層Ogre-The-Top Blue 好喜歡這種天藍色~

Here is 2 coats of Ogre-The-Top-Blue. I love this medium blue~

跟著兩層Absolute Alice

Then followed by 2 coats of Absolute Alice

有銀色, 藍色同金色的閃粉

You can see there are silver, blue and gold glitters in it!


Done ;D

其實我好鍾意閃粉指甲油....但係要抹走ge時候實在太痛苦-____- 所以都唔係好經常用閃粉指甲油....anyway 我好鍾意哩個組合hahahha~

In fact I really like to use glitter polish, but it is a nightmare when removing it -___- that's why I don't use glitter polish very often. Anyway I really love this combination!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

GOSH Rainbow

我決定用中文打blog...XD 希望多d中文讀者會睇哩個blog啦...

In case for the foreign readers....well...I'm not sure whether I got some foreign readers-___-please tell me if u are, i will do a translation. And later I may write in both Chinese and English. Thanks!!

今日要介紹ge 係GOSH ge Rainbow. 其實係同上次買Frou Frou果陣一齊買...不過最近要考final, 所以唔得閒打blog.

睇左好多外國blogger寫過Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure 的review...一直都好想買, 但係香港係冇可能買到....終於比我發現GOSH ge Rainbow同佢有同1個effect!!!


我地還完基本步~首先油左China Glaze IX 深到幾乎係黑色ge啡色

跟住就係GOSH Rainbow...魔術黎喇...!!!!

正面睇其實係橙色ge閃, 但係你由唔同角度去睇係會有唔同色!!!唔講咁多 睇圖啦!!

近鏡 不過focus得唔太好-___-

白色燈下 好鍾意第一張!

仲有...依家係watson's on sale, $99 兩支仲有eye shadow送.....即刻買多兩支 !! 連收銀個呀姐都問我係咪真係咁靚XDDD


Sunday, May 16, 2010

GOSH Frou Frou

Finally I found GOSH's Frou Frou in HK. I was so excited when I saw it! I'm in love with foil nail polish hahah.

GOSH Frou Frou, 3 coats.
The application is nice, and the drying time is fast. In my experience GOSH nail polish dry really slow but this one isn't!!!!

I kinda like GOSH's brush, it's not a super wide brush as OPI. It's quite trouble to use the super wide brush on pinkie.

I also brought 2 other polishes, they are Holographic and Rainbow. I hope Rainbow could give a similar result as Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BB Couture Caterpillar

I had received the package from evilAngel 2 days ago...I am so busy to try all the polishes :D

I really love this BB Couture nail polish! I don't know what's the problem, the tip wear is a little too fast. I was using OPI nail envy original as the base coat, Essie Good to Go as the top coat. Anyway it doesn't really matter cuz I m gonna change the polish again very soon hahahhahaha

Also I have just received the last USPS small flat rate box from Transdesign!!!! Finally hahhaha. As they are not offering this shipping option anymore, I don't know when I will buy nail polishes again(well, maybe this is good for meXD). My last TD package........

ChG Poolside collection + OPI Alpine Snow + OPI It's a Girl + Color Club Speedy top coat

Monday, May 10, 2010

Recent purchase

Other than those 3 in the left hand corner(I brought them in HK), all came from EvilAngel's Little Shop.

I really hope to buy from there again, the price is reasonable and the shipping is also really really reasonable(when you have to pay for USD18 for 9 in Transdesign, or USD16 for 6 in 8ty8).

Monday, May 3, 2010

Orly Rage

One of the package(from 8ty8beauty) come!!!! I have waited for 2 weeks!! Still there are 2 packages on the way :D one is from Transdesign(Luckily that I placed an order before they stop using USPS for overseas shipping) and other one from EvilAngel.

All of them are Orly polish, here is the pic of them:
(L-R: bare rose, rose-colored glasses, wild wisteria, rage, luxe,  shine)

And I have put on Orly Rage tonight

I am speechless after I finish painting. It is just so gorgeous. I'm in love with this polish!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

no more OPI?

I have just read the post here. I'm so sad that Transdesign are not selling OPI anymore. Also it seems that they are not going to ship with the small flat rate box anymore(which i use this shipping option everytime). I don't know where I can get a reasonable priced OPI polish anymore.In HK, OPIs are sold in some authorized dealers like mannaings(a drugstore in HK). The price for a regular polish is around HKD130, which is abt USD16.7. There are some other shops like Bonjour(another drugstore in HK). They are not the authorized dealer and they sold some unknown origin OPI polish for HKD65(around USD8.3). I have a friend who owns a salon and they can get a OPI in wholesale price for about HKD50-60. Infact I can ask my friend to help me buy some polishes(she said that she can also help me buy china glaze and essie) but I dun really like to ask somebody for a flavour so I prefer to buy from the online e-tailers or from the eBay.

Transdesign and 8yt8beauty are the two online stores I buy from most often. I rally wanna try head2toe but they won't ship china glaze out of US. I don't really like to shop in 8ty8beauty because they are super slow. And the shipping is higher than Transdesign too. In Transdesign, the shipping is $18 per 9 bottles, in 8ty8beauty, it is $16 per 6 bottles. So I go to Transdesign most of the time. I only go to 8ty8beauty when I need to buy Orly nail polishes(Because I brought Orly from transdesign once and one of the Orly polish was broken when the package arrived, I believe it is due to the smaller box of transdesign).

And now............I dunno-_____-if transdesign is not going to ship with the small flat rate box anymore I won't buy from them. And I don't know where to buy some reasonable priced polishes. Well I may go back to eBay, but I am afraid of fake polished there.........Maybe I should stop buying nail polish from now on.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Recent New Polish


Orly Pixy Stix, 真實係冇咁橙.....偏向粉紅色

Color Club Rebel Debutante, 開頭以為佢係neon....但係搽出黎又唔係...

Color Club Uptown Girl, 搽出黎第1個感覺係....好斯文.....


Friday, March 12, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish give away!!!!

Claire's Mood Polish | Giveaway!!!!

Super great give away!!! I love all those polishes so much...but I couldn't find any of them in HK T___T
Go and join the give away!

Red X Black

Red Glitter: China Glaze Ruby Pump
Black Cream: OPI Black Onyx

有朋友聽日開b-day party(其實我都未決定去唔去@@")....dress code係 Red X Black.....
所以就整定哩個.......開頭諗洗唔洗用french tip guide整....其實就咁油都ok hahahhaha~~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally Arrived!!!

上個月係transdesign同8ty8beauty度買左堆指甲油.....今日終於收到喇 ;)

ORLY SWEET SPRING II.....太靚....所以成個collection買晒.......仲有lip gloss 送....雖然我唔會用..XD

 今次試Nail Tek Foundation II base coat同埋Essie Good to Go top coat...~
跟住就係OPI Jade is the New Black, Color Club Rebel Debutante, Gossip Column, Uptown Girl, Pucci-licious, Essie Lilacism, Pop Art Pink

今日即刻試左Color Club Pucci-licious ....哩隻係好shape ge 紫色....但係又未去到neon ge 地步

其實我想買Orly Foil FX果3指...但係得transdesign有, 8ty8beauty冇~.~....
雖然我鍾意係transdesign度買...但係如果我要買orly 我會去8ty8beauty...因為係我第1次係transdesign度買指甲油ge時候,其中有3支orly...但係寄到黎爆左支......
所以我依家唔敢係transdesign度買orly ....唯有再等下 希望遲d 8ty8beauty會有Foil FX賣啦....