Monday, May 24, 2010

NOTD - OPI......when Shrek meet Alice XD

最近經常用GOSH指甲油 係時候用下OPI~ 今次係Shrek Forever After Collection 的Ogre-The-Top Blue + Alice In Wonderland的Absolute Alice.

I have been using quite a lot of GOSH nail polishes recently....time to go back to OPI. This time I am using the Ogre-The-Top-Blue from the Shrek Forver After Collection and Absolute Alice from the Alice In Wonderland Collection

首先係兩層Ogre-The-Top Blue 好喜歡這種天藍色~

Here is 2 coats of Ogre-The-Top-Blue. I love this medium blue~

跟著兩層Absolute Alice

Then followed by 2 coats of Absolute Alice

有銀色, 藍色同金色的閃粉

You can see there are silver, blue and gold glitters in it!


Done ;D

其實我好鍾意閃粉指甲油....但係要抹走ge時候實在太痛苦-____- 所以都唔係好經常用閃粉指甲油....anyway 我好鍾意哩個組合hahahha~

In fact I really like to use glitter polish, but it is a nightmare when removing it -___- that's why I don't use glitter polish very often. Anyway I really love this combination!

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