Monday, June 7, 2010

L.A. Colors - Atomic

Well this is my second time I made an other from Cherry Culture in this month. There are a lot of temptation there -___- although I m not a kind of make up girl, I always found a lot of stuff wanna buy from there. This time I brought 18 nail polishes from there.....really crazy..!!! But I can do a bit more I think... hahhaha I would have buy 25 polishes if the nice Sinful color polishes ain't out of stock. Now I have got the polishes from L.A. Girl and L.A. Color. The reason why I have brought so many L.A. Colors is that the name of the polish is so attractive to me.
L-R: Atomic, Static Electricity, Nuclear Energy, Fun In the Sun, Tropical Breeze, Transformer and Tahiti Sunrise

I love those name related to Nuclear things...hahhahahha. Yeah it's weird......but I like that. All of them are creams except Tahiti Sunrise. It's orange shimmer/frost thing, which is unexpected. I thought it is also a cream. Well..that's the problem with buying polish that doesn't have many people reviewed on them.

I am now wearing Atomic, it's a green cream with some blue in it. I painted it with 3 coats. I love this kind of blue green color. The application is great and I have no problem with it.

And I found out another blogger did an review on L.A. Colors (here) soon after I received this package from the Fedex people. Static Electricity looks great. I am gonna try that on later.


Alli said...

Atomic is so pretty! I really am impressed with this brand. I'm going to have to hunt down some more colors :)

Ashley A. said...

I just got the entire collection today myself and had to try out Static Electricity. I love it!

susies1955 said...

I really like the LA Color Polishes. I've got quite a few.
Here are my blog posts on two of them:
I'm a new follower of yours. :)