Saturday, May 1, 2010

no more OPI?

I have just read the post here. I'm so sad that Transdesign are not selling OPI anymore. Also it seems that they are not going to ship with the small flat rate box anymore(which i use this shipping option everytime). I don't know where I can get a reasonable priced OPI polish anymore.In HK, OPIs are sold in some authorized dealers like mannaings(a drugstore in HK). The price for a regular polish is around HKD130, which is abt USD16.7. There are some other shops like Bonjour(another drugstore in HK). They are not the authorized dealer and they sold some unknown origin OPI polish for HKD65(around USD8.3). I have a friend who owns a salon and they can get a OPI in wholesale price for about HKD50-60. Infact I can ask my friend to help me buy some polishes(she said that she can also help me buy china glaze and essie) but I dun really like to ask somebody for a flavour so I prefer to buy from the online e-tailers or from the eBay.

Transdesign and 8yt8beauty are the two online stores I buy from most often. I rally wanna try head2toe but they won't ship china glaze out of US. I don't really like to shop in 8ty8beauty because they are super slow. And the shipping is higher than Transdesign too. In Transdesign, the shipping is $18 per 9 bottles, in 8ty8beauty, it is $16 per 6 bottles. So I go to Transdesign most of the time. I only go to 8ty8beauty when I need to buy Orly nail polishes(Because I brought Orly from transdesign once and one of the Orly polish was broken when the package arrived, I believe it is due to the smaller box of transdesign).

And now............I dunno-_____-if transdesign is not going to ship with the small flat rate box anymore I won't buy from them. And I don't know where to buy some reasonable priced polishes. Well I may go back to eBay, but I am afraid of fake polished there.........Maybe I should stop buying nail polish from now on.

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